Last night Joy and I watched “City Lights” (1931). I thought it was a great movie. The underlying theme of judging others by what you see on the outside is just as relevant to our society today as it was 70+ years ago.

As for my expectations going in, I didn’t think the boxing scene was as funny as I had heard it built up to be (not bad, just not hysterical), but the ending was so sweet and wonderful and more than made up for it. One of the extras on the DVD was a screen test were they considered Georgia Hale, who starred with Charlie Chaplin in “The Gold Rush”, to play the blind flower girl. I really liked Georgia Hale in TGR (the scene where she turns around slowly to survey the entire dance hall and then turns her head quickly to just skip over the Tramp is absolutely priceless), but I don’t know that she could have done better than Virginia Cherrill in CL. She was just about perfect.