I was reconciling my favorites links between home and work and came across this crazy game that Carrie found one day. The basic idea is that you are an abominable snowman and you try to whack a penguin with a baseball bat as far as you can. We can be a little competitive around the office, so besides just going for absolute distance, we found a few other criteria to try to outdo each other. If you play the game for a little bit, you will notice that sometimes the penguin lands on his belly and sometimes he lands in a nose dive. We kept records for the longest and shortest belly landing and the longest and shortest nose dive.

My best scores so far are:
Longest belly landing: 323.5
Shortest belly landing: 65.4
Longest nose dive: 207.6
Shortest nose dive: 189.8
Please post a comment if you get a score that beats any of these.