June 2005

Happy birthday, Martin!

Engadget had a post this morning about a one *gigapixel* camera. The photos from this thing are completely mindboggling. They show you a huge panorama, and then have a sequence of zoomed in photos to show the level of detail the camera is capturing. Some of the best are “Angel’s Window, Grand Canyon”, “Balboa Park Reflecting Pool”, and “Bixby Bridge, Big Sur”.

We recently got a digital camera and a camcorder so we can be responsible parents and document every single second of Charis’s life. I’ve been using the software that came with the camera and IrfanView for the digital pictures and NeroVision (part of the Nero CD/DVD burning package) for video. I’ve always wanted a copy of Adobe Photoshop and Premiere, but I know that with the new baby there is absolutely no way I am ever going to come up with that kind of cash. So I was interested when I saw the Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements combo package on sale at CompUSA for $99 this past week. Of course, CompUSA was out of stock. When I was a kid, I remember K-Mart always being out of whatever they had on sale that week, and this is not the first time this has happened to me with CompUSA. I guess they are the K-Mart of electronics and computers as far as their advertised specials go. And would they give me a rain check? Of course not. So I printed out the weekly ad and took it into Best Buy for a price match. I’ve taken ads to Best Buy before and they actually called the advertising store to make sure they had the product in stock at the advertised price, but this time they just took the ad without calling CompUSA, so that was great. I got the package at the $99 price, plus I got credit with my Best Buy Reward Zone card, so it actually turned out really well. The Elements versions are pretty cool, even if they aren’t the real deal. I’d used Photoshop Elements 1.0 a while back, and the new version 3.0 is definitely a big step up from that, so I’m pretty happy.

Over at Engadget they posted about a new specialty camera that can take 250,000 frames per second. They have an amazing demo video of a water balloon being punctured. The download from the site is pretty slow (considering it’s only a 3 MB file) but well worth the wait.

Back in late elementary school and middle school, a Mongoose was *the* dirt bike to have. I mean, nothing was cooler than a Mongoose with custom pegs on the front and back. I also remember that it seemed like they were insanely expensive and only available from specialty bike shops. Well, I was in WalMart the other day and they had one right there on the rack next to all the other bikes for just over $100. My childhood dream has become a commodity?

What in the world is going on with the duck quack noise in the background in the LL Cool J – Jennifer Lopez song “All I Have”? Nevermind why I was listening to the song in the first place, just tell me what the deal is with the background noise.

We were trying to decide what animal to make for Martin next week and one possibility was a brontosaurus. No, Martin, that’s not the animal you’re getting, so this is not a spoiler. Anyway, Carrie and I were checking out the dollar fabric rack at WalMart to help us narrow down our possibilities. I found a dull slate blue that I thought would be good for a brontosaurus and Carrie looked at me like I was an idiot (which I might be sometimes, so I don’t blame her). She said a brontosaurus would be green. Well, when I think of a brontosaurus in my mind, I think of it as blue. Most other dinosaurs I think of as green, but not a brontosarus. I have no idea where I got that from, and so far I can’t find anyone else who thinks of them as blue. Maybe it comes from some cartoon I saw as a kid or something.

Happy birthday, Donna!

Happy birthday, Janet!

Happy birthday, Sherry!

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