This is an unusual post for me because it is in reference to a curse word. People who know me realize that I don’t use profanity, but this phrase I came across just struck me as really funny when I read it. If you want to read the rest of this entry, click below.

I subscribe to the Stereophile e-newsletter (and the magazine for that matter) and each month they have a “Strangest Audio URL” link. A few months back it was a link to a blog entry about a gramophone kit you can import from Japan. The writer talks about ordering it, building it and then using it to record himself singing “Young at Heart”.

After all of the gramophone information, he goes on to share his discovery that the company in Japan also has an Edison Cylinder kit, at which point he says “Oh, hottest of damns!”. That line just strikes me as way too funny. Maybe it’s just me. I’ve heard plenty of people say “hot damn”, but I’ve never heard “Oh, hottest of damns!” before. It’s especially funny since it in reference to an Edison Cylinder kit from Japan that records sounds onto a plastic cup. The link is below if you want to take a look for yourself.