I’m a little late posting this one, but a couple of months ago Joy and I watched “The Gold Rush” (1925). We’re currently watching a combination of the AFI Top 100 and Ebert’s Great Movies in chronological order, and we started with TGR. Since it’s the only movie in our epic quest that we watched before I started this blog, I wanted to go back and make an entry for it just for the sake of completion. And actually, I recently bought a few more DVDs that are even earlier than TGR (like “Broken Blossoms”), so we’ll jump around for a little while before we get back on the chronological track.

Anyway, we liked TGR (this was the first silent film Joy had ever seen). Chaplin is, as always, a class act. The creativity and originality on display in his films is really pretty amazing. While I appreciate the comedy throughout this film, my favorite scene is when the tramp is waiting for the girls to come by on New Year’s Eve. He is so sweet and has everything ready for them and then just waits. And waits. And waits. As I mentioned in my “City Lights” comments, I also really like the scene where Georgia Hale turns around slowly to survey the entire dance hall and then turns her head quickly to just skip over the Tramp.