Part of my old website that I recently recovered describes a plot Abe, Rod and I hatched back in college to try to steal our rival dorm’s mascot. What was the mascot you might ask? It was a plastic pineapple, but that not really the point.

We discovered that a guy named Matt had the mascot stashed off campus at his uncle’s house. Abe called up Matt’s uncle, posing as someone from Northshore Pest Control, and asked if it would be okay if he came by to perform a free termite inspection. Matt’s uncle actually said yes, so Abe drove over to the house and searched the entire basement for termites while really looking for the pineapple.

If Abe found the pineapple, the plan was that he would make a call into the “office” but really call me instead. Then Rod would drive over and deliver a pizza that Matt’s uncle didn’t order to provide a distraction so Abe would have a chance to grab the pineapple and stash it in his toolbox. Unfortunately, the pineapple wasn’t anywhere to be found, so we ate the pizza ourselves while working on our next scheme. From the links below, you can see that we eventually did get the pineapple, but that’s another story…