Driving home from work today I saw a pickup truck with an unusual bumper sticker: “Have you KNIFED a boar lately?”. My answer to that question would have to be no, actually, now that you mention it, I haven’t knifed a boar lately. Or ever, for that matter.

I searched around the net a little to see where you might be able to buy a bumper sticker like that, but I couldn’t find one like it anywhere. However, I did manage to find this description of what it’s like to knife a boar:

“Kenny grabbed it by the hind legs while I stuck that noisy 55-pound boar (which sure seemed bigger at the time!) with Jim’s Arkansas toothpick knife. Talk about an adrenaline rush! Wooooooooohooooooooo! There is nothing like it in the world, I can tell you that. I had taken a lot of ribbing about sticking a hog with a knife, but when it came right down to it I probably would have elbowed somebody else out of the way so I could get in there and get it done. I didn’t know whether I’d be ready for it, but I can tell you right now that I am ready for more! It simply can’t be explained… it is intense, dirty, hard, ugly work — and I’ll take all I can get.”

So is this something I’m missing in my life? Nah, I don’t think so. I’ll pass on the boar bumper sticker and just stick with the TiVo window cling on my car for now. :-)