When I first set up my website, I used Fantastico to install my WordPress blogs and Coppermine image galleries. The installs went smoothly and everything worked just fine. Over time, though, I noticed that there was quite a long delay between when WordPress would release an update and when that update would be available in Fantastico. I guess that’s to be expected because once an update is released, Fantastico has to incorporate it, and then my hosting company has to get the new version of Fantastico and install it, and all of those things take time.

But I’m one of those people who always wants the latest, greatest version. So over the past few days I’ve removed all of my Fantastico installs and reinstalled everything myself. There wasn’t a lot of documentation available on how to do that, but it wasn’t too hard to figure out. I basically worked from instructions I found online that were intended to be used when moving from one host to another.

During the changeover I discovered that, at least for WordPress and Coppermine, the normal installs are just about as easy as using Fantastico. The only thing you really have to know how to do is make a new mySQL database and user, and the WordPress site has excellent instructions for doing that if you don’t already know how. All in all, if you are comfortable using FTP, I’d highly recommend installing things yourself instead of using Fantastico. You won’t have to deal with any of Fantastico’s installation restrictions, and you’ll be able to easily upgrade to the newest versions of scripts as they are released. I’m very glad I made the switch.