My boss knows that I saw “Howl’s Moving Castle” several weeks ago and really liked it. He told me that he was in Borders the other day and saw an “Art of Howl’s Moving Castle” book, so I went to check it out. It turns out there are several Miyazaki art books as well as mangas for a few of his movies. I knew there were plenty of Japanese books out there, but I had no idea these books were available in English. All of the books are generally available online from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Borders, or the publisher (Viz).

There are art books for “Howl’s Moving Castle”, “Spirited Away”, and “Porco Rosso”. There is also an out of print art book for “Princess Mononoke” and there will be a new one published this fall for “My Neighbor Totoro”. There are mangas for “Spirited Away” (5 books, box set available), “My Neighbor Totoro” (4 books), “Castle In The Sky” (4 books, box set available), “Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind” (7 books), and the set for “Howl’s Moving Castle” (4 books) is currently being published (one book each month from August through November). All of the mangas except for Nausicaa use actual color images from the movies. Nausicaa was written (at least partially) before the movie was released, so it uses black and white line drawings.

I’ve got about half of the books in hand and the other half in the mail. So far they are all very cool and I’m really glad I found them.