I have a PHP script that I use to automatically generate my weekly del.icio.us links and post them to my blog every Sunday. When the script ran this past Sunday, though, it didn’t return any links. I thought maybe there was some kind of glitch in the system when the cron job ran the script, so I just made the entry for this week by hand since there weren’t too many links.

I tried the script again tonight just to see what was going on, and it failed again. The script is using the “http://del.icio.us/api/posts/get?dt=xxx” function in the API, which is pretty straightforward, so I didn’t think I was making the call incorrectly. I double-checked the del.icio.us API documentation in case something had changed, but I didn’t see any changes or updates.

I fiddled with the script a little and it turned out that the XML parser was only finding one element every time it was called. That seemed wrong, but I didn’t know if it was a del.icio.us problem or an issue with my host since they had just upgraded to a newer version of PHP a few days before. I commented out any extra lines that weren’t part of the core functionality of the plugin and added a bunch of debug statements to the script to try to determine exactly what was happening, but I came to the same conclusion regarding the XML parser.

Since I was getting nowhere with the script, I decided to try calling the del.icio.us API directly from the address bar using my webbrowser. That took PHP out of the equation so I could rule out changes at my host as the source of the problem. I tried the calls using IE and Firefox, but in both cases I got back essentially an empty XML document without any links.

I finally gave up and sent an email to del.icio.us support describing my problem. If they confirm that things are working from their end, I’m not sure what my next step will be. If anyone is having the same problem or has any ideas on how to fix the issue, please let me know.