I don’t own an iPod, but I’ve been looking at them for a long time (and other mp3 players, I’m not obsessed with iPods in particular). The thing holding me back, though, is the question of how often I’d really use it. To really get my money’s worth out of it, I think I’d have to keep it with me all the time so I’d always have it available when an appropriate time came to use it. But to keep it with me all the time, it would have to be really small.

I used to have an old bottom of the line Nokia cell phone that was pretty small in the grand scheme of things (at least at the time), but not small enough that I could comfortably carry it in my pocket. As a result, I would take it with me occasionally, but I usually just left it in my car for emergencies. About a year and a half ago I got a Sony T616 cell phone, which is very small. I carry the T616 with me everywhere because it fits in my pocket, and as a result I use it all the time.

Well, today Apple announced the new iPod nano and I think I found the mp3 player I’ve been looking for. It’s slightly smaller than my T616 in height and width and it’s less than half as thick. That means I know I can carry it with me everywhere. Now I just need to decide on a pair of quality headphones to go with it, maybe something like the Etymotic ER-6 or ER-4.