Carrie and I finished JP’s diorama at work today (his birthday is tomorrow). This one might need a little bit of explanation after the jump.

One day shortly after Easter last year, JP took the day off from work so we decided to do something “special” to his pod. Carrie went to WalMart to look for supplies and discovered that the peeps were on clearance. Perfect! She bought an entire case, along with a whole bunch of Easter grass.

We took the peeps and grass and some packing peanuts and stuffed them into the desk drawers and wall cubbies around his pod. The next morning when he came in he discovered our “decorations” and, well, let’s just say we made a little more of a mess than we intended to. He cleaned it up as best he could, but he hadn’t opened the cubbies yet. He kept them locked and didn’t realize we had actually disassembled them from the wall to fill them with goodies. Later in the day he finally opened a cubby and peeps, Easter grass, and packing peanuts came pouring out all over everything he had already cleaned. He was, um, not so pleased. Everything was really sticky from the sugar on the peeps (that’s the part we didn’t anticipate), so Carrie and I scrubbed down his entire office with every harsh chemical cleaning agent we could find. It wasn’t too funny at the time, but now we laugh about it frequently (which is why we made JP a giant cardboard peep last year for his birthday).

So this diorama is a recreation of JP’s pod, right down to the cardboard sheep and “Reboot the Bird” he has set up in there. Having his two computers be blue-screened was our special little touch. The cubbies are attached to pipe cleaners that go up through the top of the diorama. We made little rings you can pull to open the cubbies, which are filled with Easter grass and miniature marshmallows spray painted yellow to look like little peeps.