My church has a Center for Christian Studies that offers classes throughout the year. This session I’m taking “New Testament Greek”, and today was the second class. I’ve always liked studying, and I am interested in language and learning how things fit together.

As you might imagine, things are a little bit confusing at the beginning, but I prepared in the weeks before the class by learning the alphabet and the sound each letter makes. I think that gave me a little bit of a head start so I wasn’t completely lost last week during the first class. I’ve really enjoyed digging into the homework this first week, reading from 1 John and working on parsing verbs. I think I pretty much have the alphabet down now, thanks to the trusty old school flash cards I made.

Today we covered second declension nouns, so now that we have both nouns and verbs, our homework for this week consists of the Greek equivalent of “see spot run”. It’s kind of silly, but everything is a step in the process. By next spring we should be translating Ephesians, which seems a long way off, but I think it will be really neat when we finally get there.