My sister is getting married in three weeks (October 15). It’s hard to believe the wedding is so close, but it is almost here. Quite a few of my relatives will be coming in from California and it will be the first time they all get to see Charis, so that will be neat.

Anyway, Joy and I went to my parents’ house this evening to help prepare programs for the wedding. We had to fold them, place the inner page inside the cover page, then tie a ribbon around each one. The folding wasn’t so bad, but the ribbons were quite a chore. My sister wanted to attach the ribbons on the back of the programs with little sticky things so that the ribbons stayed in place. The adhesive she picked was “Zots”, and honestly they were horrible. They are these tiny little sticky dots that come on a roll of something kind of like wax paper. The kicker is that they are placed on the roll with two dots side by side, maybe half an inch apart. So when you want to use just one dot, you have to fold the wax paper over on itself diagonally so that only one dot is exposed to stick to whatever you are adding adhesive to. Not to mention that the dots are transparent so you can barely see them on the wax paper, and you can’t see them at all once you turn the paper over to transfer the dot off the wax paper.

While sticking hundreds of programs with Zots, I commented that they weren’t exactly the best thought out design in the world. When asked what I thought might be a better choice, my suggestion of duct tape was flatly refused as an option, as was super glue. Some people just don’t know the right tool for the job.