I’m joining the ten zillion other people that have written posts regarding Ruby on Rails and AJAX. I’ve been pulled in by the hype and I’m starting a new project to see what all the fuss is about.

At work we frequently use treeview controls in our desktop application to present data and collect input. We plan to eventually create a web based version, and this will be an experimental step in that direction. My goal is to create the HTML equivalent of a treeview control that uses AJAX to dynamically update itself as the user clicks things off. Perhaps that’s a little more complicated than a simple hello world program, but I definitely think I can get it worked out.

I’m also going to use the new MySQL 5 release candidate for the database side of things. We currently use MS SQL Server at work, but we’ve been wating for MySQL 5 to be released since the addition of stored procedures and views makes it a viable alternative for us.

We haven’t decided what web platform we want to use yet, so this will be a chance to try out RoR and see how things go. Our desktop app is currently written in .Net, so RoR would be a big switch, but it makes sense to get a feel for all of the options before deciding which path to take.