October 2005

I started the initial work on a new website for our Sunday school class at church. As I typically do, I started by browsing layouts from Open Source Web Design. The OSWD site is currently down, but in the meantime I have a repository of layouts on my local machine that I’ve considered for other projects in the past.

I looked through the layouts myself and then I also showed them to Joy, and that’s where I ran into a problem. When I choose a design, I always select something clean, simple to navigate, and easy to maintain in the long run. When Joy chooses a design, she picks something more artistic, creative, and “fun”. So there’s the classic tradeoff. Joy thinks the designs that I would choose are “boring”, and I think the designs she would choose are “confusing” and difficult to maintain over time. So I’m not entirely sure where we’ll end up with this. Probably somewhere in the middle, but if I can convince her, I’d like to start with something I consider maintainable and then add elements to make it look more creative instead of going the other way around.

I’m personally a huge fan of the OSWD layouts by haran. I use one for the Guilford Family home page and a different one for my personal pages. I’d like to use a variation of Gila for the Sunday School page, but I’ve got quite a bit of convincing to do before I can do that without objection from Joy.

Click “more” to see a list of all of the interesting web sites I found this week. I keep track of my favorite sites using del.icio.us, a free web site where you can access your favorite links from any computer and share them with friends. You can also see all of my favorite links (not just the ones from this week).


Nausicaa.net recently announced that Turner Classic Movies will be playing nine Miyazaki movies in January 2006. TCM typically broadcasts in original aspect ratio with no commericals, so this is excellent news.

  • Thursday, January 5: Spirted Away and Princess Mononoke
  • Thursday, January 12: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind and Castle in the Sky
  • Thursday, January 19: My Neighbor Totoro, Porco Rosso, and Whisper of the Heart
  • Thursday, January 26: Only Yesterday and Pom Poko

I already have the DVDs for most of these (Spirited Away, Mononoke, Nausicaa, Castle, Porco, and Pom Poko), but the other three will be great to see. I will certainly buy the DVD for Totoro when it comes out next spring, but I believe the TCM broadcast will be before the DVD release, so I can see a little “preview” before the DVD comes out. As far as I am aware, Whisper of the Heart and Only Yesterday are not currently slated for DVD release in the US at all, so this might be my only chance to catch them. I can’t wait for January to get here!

Tonight Joy and I watched last night’s Gilmore Girls episode (thank you, TiVo). This episode was completely excellent.* It was the first aboslutely superb episode of this season, in my opinion. It was right up there with the very best episodes from previous seasons. Can you tell I liked it?

Joy and I both laughed out loud at several points, but the best line of all belonged to Luke. Emily planned an over the top birthday party for Rory’s 21st birthday since Rory and Lorelai aren’t speaking, with all of the food, caterers, and everything else she always does. She had a special drink for the party named the “Rory”. Luke summed up the drink perfectly: “It tasted pink. I mean like, really tasted pink. Like really pink-pink. It’s like drinking a My Little Pony.” Absolutely hilarious, especially with the typical Luke delivery.

* Completely excellent except for the horrendous portrayal of the minister. Why do TV shows do stuff like that? I know not every minister is perfect, but give me a break. I really wish they had left that part out.

My sister sent me an email today saying that she and Matt have started a new blog to share their experiences getting settled in Florida and starting their new life together. Becca has three posts up already and I really enjoyed reading them.

I promised I’d write an entry with more details about the wedding, and here it is. As I said before, lots of my extended family came in from out of town. We had three grandparents, two uncles, two aunts, two cousins, and a bunch of other family and friends. It was great to spend time with so many wonderful people that we don’t get to see very often.

After the jump you’ll find the rest of the story and the longest post I’ve ever written!


It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted anything. The past two weeks have been very busy around here. My sister got married October 15 (congratulations Matt and Becca!) and this past weekend Joy and I were away on a planning retreat for our Sunday school class.

The wedding weekend was crazy but great. A lot of my extended family came in for the wedding and it was the first time most of them got to see Charis. By the end of the weekend Charis was worn out, and I think her mom and dad were, too. :-) I’ll write another post in the near future with more details about the wedding.

The Sunday school retreat turned out to be a great blessing. After a week of work following late nights leading up to and after the wedding, Joy and I were really dragging by the end of the week, but once we got there the retreat was a very special time. It was wonderful to be able to spend time with such a great group of people, but more importantly it was a blessing to meet with God and to share in times of worship and prayer.

The retreat was also the first time we left Charis overnight. Joy’s mom watched her and Charis did very well. I think the night away was harder on mom and dad than it was on Charis, but it’s good to know that she can handle a night away without going berserk.

This week things are pretty much back to normal. I hope to make posts on a regular basis again now that I’ve (almost) recovered from the past two weeks.

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