I finally got around to downloading the latest version of Google Earth today. I saw a post in the Google blog a couple of weeks ago that announced they had added a new National Geographic layer, and I really wanted to try it out. I really like it. So far they only have links for Africa, but hopefully they will eventually add the rest of the world (please, oh please).

There are several types of links you can click on, including small icons of a plane that link to images from the Africa Megaflyover. The Africa Megaflyover is a National Geographic project where they took over 92,000 high resolution photos from all over Africa, 500 of which are currently available via Google Earth. Joy and I have some friends on a two week mission trip to Mozambique right now, and it was very cool to see some of the flyover images from places near where they will be.

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    (I know I’ve already linked to Google Earth before, but if you haven’t downloaded it yet, don’t wait any longer)