Tonight Joy and I watched last night’s Gilmore Girls episode (thank you, TiVo). This episode was completely excellent.* It was the first aboslutely superb episode of this season, in my opinion. It was right up there with the very best episodes from previous seasons. Can you tell I liked it?

Joy and I both laughed out loud at several points, but the best line of all belonged to Luke. Emily planned an over the top birthday party for Rory’s 21st birthday since Rory and Lorelai aren’t speaking, with all of the food, caterers, and everything else she always does. She had a special drink for the party named the “Rory”. Luke summed up the drink perfectly: “It tasted pink. I mean like, really tasted pink. Like really pink-pink. It’s like drinking a My Little Pony.” Absolutely hilarious, especially with the typical Luke delivery.

* Completely excellent except for the horrendous portrayal of the minister. Why do TV shows do stuff like that? I know not every minister is perfect, but give me a break. I really wish they had left that part out.