My new moleskine notebooks came in the mail yesterday. I first read about these notebooks on 43 Folders and they sounded pretty cool. I’ve been looking for the perfect notebook to use for church to take sermon notes, and these seemed to be almost exactly what I was looking for. When I found out you can get them with grid lines, that pretty much sealed the deal. I have no idea why, but I really like grid lined paper for taking notes (as opposed to just normal lined paper).

The notebooks are simple and plain looking, and they are really quite small. The ones I ordered are the larger size and they are just a bit smaller than the thinline ESV Bible I take to church. The notebooks are also quite a bit sturdier than I expected, which was a nice surprise. Joy thinks the notebooks are typically “boring” looking, but I guess that just means they suit me very well. She also thinks I’m crazy for liking grid paper, but I suppose everyone has their preference.

If I get addicted to these things, I’ve got plenty of options to branch out: datebooks, planners, address books, music books, storyboard books, and a very cool fold out “Japanese” book (I absolutely have to find a use for that one, it’s just so nifty).