43 Things. 43 Places. 43 People. 43 Folders. What’s with all the relatively new 43 sites these days?

43 Things, Places, and People are all run by the same startup. They are basically sites to keep and share lists of things you want to do, places you want to go, and people you want to meet. I guess they’re kind of like del.icio.us in that they incorporate the idea of sharing your list with others. I first found 43 Things via the A9 search engine (they let you search it specifically since the startup is funded by Amazon), and I actually thought it was kind of nifty. And why are these sites called 43 something? According to the web site, because “43 is the right number of things for a busy person to try and do. Why not more? It’s too much. Why not less? You can do less, but it is still called 43 Things.”

43 Folders is a completely different site that’s really a blog about productivity, time management, and other tips to stay efficient and organized. I first found out about Moleskine notebooks at 43 Folders. I don’t necessarily think every single post is all that great, but there are enough interesting ones to keep me checking back every now and then. And why 43? “The site’s title, 43 Folders, refers to the number of manila folders required to build a physical tickler file system. Twelve monthly folders and 31 daily folders are used to build a rotating, one-year ‘look ahead’ system. Maintained daily, it’s a powerful lofi hack for never forgetting to do something (and, consequently, not having to worry about forgetting to do something).”