I spent a good portion of the day up in my attic. I installed a new antenna so we can receive our local high definition stations on the television in the den. I still think it’s bizarre that you use an old-school tv antenna to receive HD broadcasts. That seems kind of backwards, doesn’t it? It seems like you should get HD by some kind of futuristic system that doesn’t require wiring, grounding blocks, coax converters, or any of that stuff. Oh well, maybe some day.

I started working at 8 AM because the weather forecast was calling for rain starting mid-morning, so I wanted to get the outside portion of the work done before the rain arrived. I got the cable line run from the attic down the side of the house next to the drain spout (so that it is mostly hidden from view) and then I got the entry point drilled through the brick on the side of the house just as the rain began. That still left quite a bit of work inside the house, but at least that part of the job was dry.

I needed a few parts to mount the antenna, so my dad came by and we went to Radio Shack, Home Depot, and Lowe’s (what can I say, I’m cheap and I was shopping around for the best deal) to get a few things. Once we got back to the house I got the antenna mounted in the attic and then escaped from the fiberglass coated prison just in time. I hate that stuff.

Then I had to finish the wiring from the wall in the living room (where the cable came in from outside) over to the den. That wasn’t too big of a job, and then I was finally finished. Thankfully, everything worked perfectly on the first try, and before long I was watching the end of the SEC championship game in crystal clear HD.