OK, so maybe I’m not good enough to actually make money bowling, but it is fun every now and then. We went bowling with our small group from church tonight, and though I didn’t do too well (112), we did have a good time. I did much better (168) when we went with a different group of friends a few weeks ago, but I think I was just lucky that night.

We used to go bowling all the time in high school when they had “Rock and Bowl” at the local alley where you could bowl from 8 PM until midnight for a fixed price with really loud rock music and a disco ball. Crazy times. Anyway, tonight was “all you can bowl” minus the rock music and the disco ball. After the first game, we just started bowling crazy stuff like fastest roll (they have a little thing that tells you the speed of your ball) and slowest roll that was still a strike. Alex, a guy in our group, had a stylish sling-the-ball-from-the-side-with-massive-spin move that we all tried to copy without much success.

Every time I go bowling I am reminded of how much I liked duckpin bowling (kind of like candlepin in the Northeast) when I was younger. We had a bowling alley near our house in Virginia that had several duckpin lanes, and it was a blast. I think I’d go bowling more often if we had some duckpin lanes around here, but there aren’t any in the entire state, so I guess that won’t be happening any time soon. I guess I’ll have to keep that in mind if I’m ever on a trip to a place where they have a few duckpin lanes.