December 2005

Tonight Joy and I attended the graduation ceremony for our sister-in-law, Ariana, who received her Master’s degree. She earned her degree by taking classes in the evenings while working full time, which means she has been very busy during the past couple of years. I can’t imagine doing that since work is frequently plenty to keep me very busy all by itself.

My brother arranged for her parents to fly down from Chicago, but he kept it a secret so she didn’t know until she saw them up in the stands during the ceremony. After the ceremony, we all went out to eat and had a great time chatting together and celebrating Ariana’s achievement.

Congratulations, Ariana!

Joy brought Charis by to visit everyone at my office today. She was in a good mood and very happy when she came, so that was a lot of fun. She was a little overwhelmed by all of the Christmas stuff in Gloria’s pod, but then again I think Joy was, too. Everyone noticed that Charis is a little, um, bigger than the last time she came by. She really is growing. She seems a lot bigger to me and I see her everyday, so the people at my office who only see her once every couple of months must really notice a big difference.

Joy and I have one of those plastic wrapping paper holders, and we really like it because it is a convenient way to store all of our Christmas wrapping paper up in the attic. However, a couple of years ago we bought 5 rolls of wrapping paper that were longer than the “standard” length, and they didn’t fit in the holder. This year I was determined to make the rolls fit, so I took them over to my dad’s house to make it happen. We ended up using his compressed air powered cut-off tool, which did the job very nicely (125 psi and 20,000 RPM can really do a number on paper and cardboard).

So there we were, out in the garage, using a power tool to cut rolls of wrapping paper just a few inches shorter. Crazy, yes, but at least the rolls fit in the holder now.

Click “more” to see a list of all of the interesting web sites I found this week. I keep track of my favorite sites using, a free web site where you can access your favorite links from any computer and share them with friends. You can also see all of my favorite links (not just the ones from this week).


Gloria has her pod at work decorated for Christmas again this year and, as hard as it is to believe, it’s even more insane than last year. She added a few thousand more lights on top of what she had before and when you see it in person it’s kind of mind-boggling. The pictures don’t begin to do it justice because more than half of the lights are blinking on and off, so you can’t catch everything in one picture.


The MPA (Music Publishers Association) announced yesterday that they are now going after sites that post song lyrics on the internet. Why in the world would they do that? The number one use for those sites is to look up a snippet of a song you heard on the radio so you can find out who sings it so you can buy the album. If you force all of the lyric sites to shut down, how will people find out who performs a song so they can buy it? I realize that the lyrics to songs are copyrighted, and if the industry really wants to shut down all of the lyric sites, they have the right to pursue it, but come on. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot. This has to be the dumbest business decision I’ve seen in a long, long time.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here. The weekend after Thanksgiving Joy and I hung our wreaths outside and set up the Christmas tree, so that has been done for a while. The employee Christmas lunch at my office was today, and tonight I enabled the share on my computer with all of our Christmas songs so the mp3 player downstairs can see them (we leave them disabled during the year because Christmas songs in the middle of summer are kind of random). I think we’ll probably decorate the tree some time this weekend, which will be fun. Hopefully Charis will like seeing all of the ornaments. We still have some Christmas shopping left to do, and we hope to get the bulk of that done this weekend, too. Plus our Sunday school class Christmas party is Saturday night.

It’s hard to believe that Christmas is only a little more than two weeks away!

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