I didn’t get to comment on it until now, but Joy and I went to see “King Kong” (2005) on Saturday. Thanks to Joy’s mom (again!) for watching Charis so we could go out.

I thought the movie was very good, but I don’t think Joy was too crazy about it. She really doesn’t like movies with sad endings, so that pretty much means this one was not her style, but she graciously went with me anyway because I really wanted to see it. As I said, I liked the movie, particularly the relationship between Kong and Ann, which I thought was handled very well.

However, I did think the movie was overly long. There are many scenes I would have cut shorter, but the only scene I would have ditched entirely was the spider pit scene (which of course was shot but not included in the original 1933 version). It just didn’t seem to fit and kind of messed with the flow of the plot. So I really liked the movie as it is, but I think it could have been ever better with some strategic cuts.

I’m hoping that Joy will let me watch the 1933 version on DVD soon while the new remake is still fresh in my mind.