Joy and I watched the original version of “King Kong” (1933) this evening (thank you, Joy!). I really enjoyed watching it after seeing Peter Jackson’s remake about a week ago. It’s amazing to see how far special effects have come in 72 years.

It was also interesting to see the changes that Jackson made for his version, some of which work very well (the relationship between Ann and Kong, Jack as a screenplay writer) and some that don’t work quite as much (the introduction of so many side characters that don’t get quite enough time to develop, natives launching themselves on poles to reach the ship (seriously, what in the world is up with that?), the dinosaur stampede, three tyrannosaurus rex dinosaurs (was one not enough?), the spider pit). I was also struck by the drastic difference in the treatment of the natives on skull island.

Anyway, despite its age, I think this film really holds up well, largely due to a good sense of pace and action. I enjoyed watching it, and if you see the new version, you should also watch the 1933 version if you get the chance.