I finally broke down and signed up for Amazon Prime, which is the deal they offer where they will ship everything you order 2-day for a fixed annual fee. Joy and I are big Amazon fans and we already buy a lot of stuff there, so shortly before Christmas we signed up for Prime so that we could take advantage of it when ordering Christmas gifts for people. I have to say, it’s pretty nice to be able to just order whatever and not worry about minimum order totals or anything else.

In light of our new membership in Prime, I’ve stopped buying CDs and DVDs locally (I used to get a fair number of items from Best Buy or WalMart). Now I just preorder stuff from Amazon and it typically arrives the day after the official release date, which is plenty fast enough for me. Saving the hassle of running out to the store with Charis on Tuesdays for the new releases is also a really nice bonus.

So far everything I have ordered has arrived in two days, and a few things have arrived overnight. It seems like a good deal to me.