A while back I ordered the out of print art book for “The Lion King”, but I neglected to write about it at the time. TLK is one of my favorite movies, so I was excited to get the book.

I didn’t know the book even existed until fairly recently. I found out about it because of the of the anime art books I’ve been buying, and it got me wondering whether any of the other non-anime movies I like had art books, and sure enough they did. So I waited around until someone on Amazon had a used copy for a reasonable price and then placed my order. While not in perfect condition, which is perhaps to be expected for a used book this old, the book is good shape, and for the price it was a very good deal.

The content of the book is great. I especially like the large multi-page fold-out sections spread throughout the book. The concept sketches are neat and I particularly liked seeing all of the test sketches for all of the various animals that appear in the film. I guess the only real problem is that the book is so oversize that it doesn’t fit on my bookshelf, but that’s hardly something to complain about.