Last night Joy and I watched “The Fall Of The House Of Usher” (1928). As with Metropolis, this was another strange movie. The thing that really threw me for a loop is the fact that the ending of the film doesn’t match up with the original Poe short story.

The film is very successful at setting up a foreboding and tense atmosphere. The actor playing Roderick achieves an almost palpable sense of dread and insanity. I particularly liked the scene where the men carry Madeleine’s casket to the tomb with her white veil trailing off and blowing in the wind. The musical soundtrack was also excellent, though it was not the original and was specifically prepared for this DVD release (All Day Entertainment).

Overall I can’t really say that this film is a “must-see”, but I can certainly appreciate a good number of scenes, as well as the overall visual style and camera work.