Joy has her book club once a month on Thursday nights, so this evening I got to spend time with Charis and put her to bed while mom was out. She was in a happy mood and we had a good time. She is really crawling around a lot now, so I could chase her around the living room floor, which was fun. She loves to pick things up, so we played with a lot of her toys and just picked up one toy, and then put that down to pick up the next toy.

She has one of those ring stacking toys, and she loves it when you stack the rings on her head. She’ll hold still while you stack the rings up on her head, and then she will lean her head forward so the rings fall down, and then she’ll laugh about it like it is the best thing ever. She can keep playing that over and over and over again and it doesn’t seem to get old. Crazy kid. :-)

And she was even very good when I put her to bed. I talked to her and sang to her while I put her pajamas on, then gave her a big goodnight hug and kiss, and then she was off to sleepy land in no time. That was really nice, because some nights she will cry for quite a while before she finally falls asleep. But tonight she fell asleep almost right away.