I just wanted to write a quick post saying how pleased I am with Site5*, the company that I use to host this website. I’ve been with Site5 for just under a year now. When I was first choosing a web host, I looked at tons of reviews, ratings, you name it, and the one company that stood out was Site5. I decided to go ahead and sign up, and I haven’t regretted it for a second. Their performance and customer service have been uniformly excellent.

I’m employed as a software developer, and because of that, I work with a lot software, hardware, and technical companies. Out of all of the companies I deal with, I believe that Site5 may offer the best service of all. On the few occasions that I’ve had minor issues, their technical support department has answered my questions in less than an hour each time, which is amazing.

So when my current one year agreement runs out in a few weeks, not only will I be renewing with Site5, I’m actually switching up one level to an even better plan than the one I’ve been using. If you need webhosting, I cannot recommend Site5 more highly.

* This may sound like an advertisement, but please note that I am not a member of the Site5 affiliate program. I have absolutely nothing to gain if you sign up with Site5 (or if you don’t, for that matter). I am simply a very satisfied customer trying to let other people know that I have found the “real deal” in the world of webhosting. Site5 is it.