I saw in the Sunday ads that CompUSA has the Nokia wireless internet tablet on sale this week. Since I’ve never seen one in person before, I decided to stop by on my way home from Greek class to check it out.

The tablet is really pretty nice. It’s even smaller than I anticipated, and the screen looks very nice and crisp. I played with the demo unit for quite a while, and while I wouldn’t want to write long emails on it or anything, it seemed very usable for tasks that require minimal keyboard entry.

The web browser functionality seemed to be totally fine, but the email and rss reader seemed to be pretty bare bones to me. If the tablet had an rss reader that could synchronize with the NewsGator service, that would immediately move the device much higher on my list. I use FeedDemon to synchronize my RSS reading between home and work (using the NewsGator API), and if I could also synchronize my reading with the tablet, that would be really handy.

Other than wanting the RSS synchronization, which is not really a show stopper, there are only two other things that keep me from thinking that this is the device I’ve been looking for: the size of the screen and the price. If the screen was about half again as big (the resolution was okay with me, but if the screen was about 6 inches diagonal, that would be much better), that would do it for me, or if the price was about 1/3 less. With either of those changes (and I don’t need them both, but I’d certainly take them both), this would be a hard device to pass up.