NewsGator was down for most of yesterday morning, which was a bummer because FeedDemon uses NewsGator for retreiving and synching RSS feeds, so there was no news available until a little while after noon. I was pretty frustrated at first because NewsGator is a paid service and they were completely down for hours, but later that day Greg Reinacker (the CTO) posted an entry on his blog apologizing and explaing the circumstances of the outage. As far as I’m concerned, a simple apology and an honest explanation go a long way towards alleviating frustration.

Reading about the disk and SQL Server errors they were dealing with sounded all too similar to some of things we’ve had to deal with at work in the past. Trying to fix problems like that under pressure is miserable, so kudos to the NewsGator team for pushing things through and getting everything back up and running. It says a lot about a company when it is willing to publicly discuss mistakes and mishaps, and so I guess the whole thing makes me feel better about NewsGator in general.