Joy and I took Charis on her first trip to the zoo today. It was fun to get out just as our little family, and Charis really enjoyed being outside and having so many new things to see. However, I’m not entirely sure exactly what she thought of the animals. She stared at them with wide eyes and sometimes made her little grunting noises. She kept laughing at the waterbuck, but for most animals it was just a stare. She has all kinds of little toy animals in her Noah’s ark set and her animal alphabet set, and I think the fact that all of the animals at the zoo were so BIG in real life is what really surprised her. It was fun to watch. At the very least I’m glad that the animals didn’t totally freak her out or something, because you just never know.

I also got some cool pictures of a beaver while we were there. I like beavers. I think that’s partly because they’re cute, and partly because they’re so industrious, which I can appreciate. :-)