The motherboard and RAM arrived today, so this evening I started really putting things together. I got the motherboard mounted in the case and got everything wired up. Things went along fairly well, except I did not anticipate that the motherboard would need a power input from a standard IDE type power plug (in addition to the normal motherboard power connections). I don’t know what it’s used for, but the instruction manual says it is required. The placement of the input plug on the motherboard made it impossible to connect the optical drives, the fans, the floppy drive, and the motherboard power all at the same time (with the cables I had on hand). So I connected everything up except the floppy drive.

The machine successfully booted on the first try and I could navigate around in the motherboard BIOS and everything seemed to be connected up and working okay. Unfortunately, I couldn’t do much more than that because I am using the RAID controller on the motherboard and in order to install Windows I have to use the RAID driver that came with the motherboard, which is on a floppy disk, which of course I can’t use because I can’t connect the floppy drive yet because of the power cable issues. So tomorrow I’ll have to pick up the cables I need in order to get the floppy connected.