Yesterday I left things with just a plain vanilla XP Pro installation on the machine, so tonight I started installing the latest drivers for each of the hardware components. I successfully updated the drivers for the motherboard, RAID controller, LAN, sound card, and video card. I also flashed the motherboard BIOS without any trouble. And the last thing I did was flash the BIOS on the video card, but when I rebooted the machine the monitor was blank. It couldn’t even display motherboard BIOS screens. The machine was still running and it seemed like things were generally working, but there was no video output whatsoever. I called the video card tech support line and they said that I would probably need to flash the video card back to whatever BIOS version was originally installed, but that I would need to call back during normal business hours to get them to email me the original BIOS installer (I guess they can’t do that after hours for some reason?). So I guess I’ll call them tomorrow and see if re-flashing the original BIOS solves the problem. Until then I’m stuck because I can’t do anything without a monitor.