I called the video card company back today during business hours and they were not paricularly helpful. They said that the BIOS that originally came on my video card was not yet “approved for release”, so they could not give me the file. So you are shipping a BIOS that you cannot yet release? That doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me. Anyway, I figured that other people were probably have the same problem I was having, so after doing a bit of web searching, I found a copy of the BIOS I needed posted online.* I downloaded that, reflashed the card, and then everything started working again.

So now I’m just installing all of the software programs that I use and soon I should have everything back to normal. But I’m writing this post from the new machine, so that’s definitely good news.

* And how exactly did the file end up online if it’s not available for release?!? Now that’s a good question.