Joy and I went down to Atlanta to see the musical “Wicked”. We had tickets for seats in the second row in the balcony, but while I was at the theater’s website getting directions before we left, I noticed that they did rush tickets kind of like “Rent” does. Instead of first-come, first-served like the tickets were when I saw Rent in Boston quite a few years ago, the rush tickets for Wicked are given away by lottery. Whoever is there two and a half hours before the show can put their name in a drawing, and then two hours before the show they draw names for the tickets.

Anyway, Joy and I ended up with some extra time before the show started, so we went down to the theater to put our names in the drawing. We arrived about two hours and fifty minutes before the show and we were the fourth people there waiting for rush tickets, so we thought that our chances looked pretty good. But by the time the two and a half hour cutoff arrived, there were probably between 175 and 200 people trying to get tickets (all of the remaining shows in Atlanta were completely sold out, so getting rush tickets was pretty much the only way to get tickets for anything even close to the face value).

We put our names in and then waited around another half hour for for the drawing to take place. Joy was trying to be very positive, but I thought there was no way in the world they would draw our names. When the time for the drawing finally came around, the woman in charge drew 12 names (with everyone anxiously calling out the count as she drew them). Then she started reading off the names. The first card she read: Brad Guilford. Unbelievable! I was really excited. Seeing the show from the second row in the balcony would have been great, but seeing it from up close on the floor was even better! Joy and I got our rush tickets and then we ended up selling our balcony tickets to a man who was trying to get tickets for his son’s birthday, so that worked out well.

The show was absolutely terrific. The seats we won in the lottery were third row orchestra, off to the left-hand side. I love sitting that close where you can see all of the expressions on the actors’ faces. It was great. And though I will write a separate post with more thoughts about the show, let’s just say I’ve been waiting to see the show for quite a while, and it was definitely worth the wait.