As promised, I have more comments on seeing “Wicked” (click here if you missed my previous post on winning the Wicked lottery!). I thought the show was fantastic. It was a lot “cuter” and certainly funnier than I thought it would be. It’s definitely not a “serious” musical (and I didn’t expect it to be), even though it seems like it almost wants to be at some points. It’s just a fun ride and a really good time. The audience was great and everyone seemed really into it and appreciative of the performance.

The person playing Galinda/Glinda (Kendra Kassebaum) was awesome. She did a completely wonderful job and I thought she was phenomenal. She was so animated and energetic, and really funny. She also seemed to really enjoy playing the role. I was somewhat less taken with Elphaba (Julia Murney), but still I thought she was very, very good. She seemed to be fighting a cold or something (she coughed several times during the show, but not while on microphone), so perhaps it was an off night. The rest of the cast was great, too, and really the whole production was top notch.

Despite the fact that the plot seemed kind of convoluted from listening to the cast recording and reading a synopsis online, I thought it was pretty easy to follow once you add all of the action that happens between the major songs. I just really wish there was a two-disc recording of the show with everything instead of the single disc that really ends up leaving out quite a bit.

I would definitely love to see Wicked again if I ever get the chance. It was a great show and I really, really enjoyed it. I can’t go so far as to say that it’s my favorite musical (that spot still belongs to Les Miserables), but it’s right on up there.

Just to add another perspective, Joy also really liked Wicked and she has decided that it is in fact her new favorite musical (I don’t think she’s as attached to Les Miserables as I am, even though I’ve tried to show her the light). And she put the cast recording in to listen to on the way home from Atlanta, which says a lot because I usually get some grief when I want to listen to musicals on road trips. You can read more of her thoughts here.