This next bit of info might come as kind of a shock to some of you. I sold off all of my high-end audio and home theater equipment. Let me explain.

As much as I enjoy movies and music and all of the high-end stuff, it takes a lot to always keep up with the latest of everything. I would read the reviews and a new whatever would come out and I’d want to try that, or maybe some other new thing coming out the next month. And I found myself feeling kind of a little dissatisfied with things over time, always thinking about trading for something else, even though I already had all this really nice equipment. And I really don’t want to feel dissatisfied because of some “thing” or “stuff” that I don’t have. I’m really incredibly blessed with my wife and my daughter and I really felt that something was wrong if “things” were making me dissatisfied, so I took the big step. I basically sold off everything and I’ve moved back to a simple set of Paradigm speakers and a basic receiver. I thought about just keeping the higher-end stuff that I already had and leaving it be for the long haul, but I know myself well enough to know that I’d always still be looking for the next thing or the next tweak. I figured that if I stepped way back down far enough to more entry level stuff, that would make it easier for me to “walk away” and just leave things alone. So that’s what I’ve done. I’m still in the stage where sometimes I think what I’ve done is crazy, but I think I know that in the long run, it’s better for me as a person not to spend so much time thinking about and pursuing the next AV thing. I needed to sell it off and get back to something basic – I can still enjoy my movies and music as much as I always have, but hopefully I’m back to the point where I own the stuff instead of it owning me in a strange and perverse sort of way. So I’ve set an upper dollar limit for myself for any future audio purchases, and hopefully that will help keep me in line since I know my tendency is always to go for something “better”.

All of that process took a huge amount of time. Just creating the ads for the equipment and managing all of the potential buyers, not to mention packing and shipping everything off. By the end of it all, the FedEx people knew me when I walked in the door. But now everything has been sold, and all of it was delivered safely to the buyers, which was a great blessing since you never know what will happen when you ship stuff that’s potentially fragile.