After Joy and I returned from our mini-vacation to Atlanta and Chattanooga, I was off the very next week to Nashville for our annual user conference at work. I drove to Nashville very early in the morning on Wednesday of that week, then worked all day long setting up two computer labs for the conference (2 servers, 40+ workstations, 2 printers, 4 switches, plus a wireless network). Then I drove back home that night. Needless to say that was a very long day.

I took the next day off, and then drove back to Nashville early Friday morning for the actual conference itself. Except this time I picked up Randy from work to give him a ride, so I had good company for that drive. The conference ran Friday through Sunday, and overall I think it was probably our most “positive” conference yet. Everyone seemed pretty excited about using our product and about learning how they could use it more effeciently. It just had a pretty good vibe.

And we carried on our user conference tradition for the third year in a row. The company gives us a per diem for the conference each year, and there are a couple of us that eat at the cheapest places possible for most of the conference, then blow the rest on a very nice dinner one night. This year we chose Ruth’s Chris for our dinner (our first choice had closed since we were last in Nashville two years ago). So that was a very good meal, and a great time to spend some time together outside of work. Plus we got to meet Carrie’s boyfriend, Dan, who was really a great guy (he came down to the conference for a day to see her).

And then after we packed up the computer labs on Sunday (which thankfully always goes much faster than setting them up), I drove back with Randy and JP, so I had double the good company for the trip back. So that was the user conference. I was super tired for quite a few days after that and didn’t do too much of anything once I got home from work except crash. :-) But it was really nice to be back home with Joy and Charis!