I think that pretty much any day now I’m going to come home from work in the evening and Charis will be walking around the house. She can totally stand up on her own and she walks all day long while she’s holding on to something. She also has no trouble walking on her own when she is brave enough to let go. I think she just needs to decide to do it.

She was kind of like that when she first started standing up. She stood up on her own one day, and then it was almost a week until she did it again. Then one day she decided that standing up was the cool thing to do, and now she stands up all the time. She really likes to stand up while you read books to her, which is kind of weird, but what can you do.

So based on the standing up thing, I think she’ll start walking pretty much any day now.

And the talking. I have to ask, is there anything cuter than your kid just babbling on and on about who knows what? I love listening to Charis talk, even if I never have any idea what she’s talking about. She always seems to have something to say!