Last night our small group played Settlers of Catan (we had several people away on vacation and stuff, so we decided to have a game night instead of pressing ahead without everyone there). SoC is a “euro” style board game, which basically means the rules are a bit complicated, there are multiple ways to win, and there is generally a lot more strategy to the game mechanics as opposed to luck.

We played as four “teams” of couples, and needless to say for our first time out, Joy and I simply got crushed in every way possible. Seriously, we got whipped. I had read up on the instructions and everything beforehand because we have several people in our group quite enamored with SoC, so I figured we would end up playing it. However, I now realize that knowing “how” to play the game is not remotely the same thing as knowing how to “play” the game, if you know what I mean.

Still, I really, really enjoyed the game. I know a lot of things I would do differently next time, and I’m defnitely looking forward to whenever that “next time” might be. It’s pretty cool to play a game where you have to think a bit, and where your strategy (not that Joy and I actually had any kind of a coherent strategy last night, but if we did…) is constantly adjusting to what other players are doing. I thought it was great.