Man, I have been extra super pitiful about updating my blog lately. We were away on vacation at the beach last week with my parents (more to come in a future post), and before that I was swamped at work tying up all of the loose ends with version 7 so we could actually install it at a client site. We finally got everything squared away on version 7 and I installed it at one of our clients three days before we were supposed to leave on vacation. The next three days at work were totally crazy trying to get everything patched up as the problem reports came in, but we managed to get things into fairly reasonable shape before I left, albeit after a pretty late night the evening before I left town. When I got back, things were actually quite a bit better than I expected, and between yesterday and today, I was able to fix everything that had come in while I was gone. So with that out of the way, in another day and a half or so, I should be completely “caught up” at work and back to the normal routine.