As promised, here’s my post about our beach trip. My parents invited us to go down to Edisto, South Carolina with them for the week, and of course we accepted because, seriously, who doesn’t want to go to the beach? It was our first vacation with Charis, so we didn’t know exactly what to expect. The car ride down there took about 6.5 hours (not including stops) and, honestly, Charis was pretty bad. Before that, her longest car ride was just under an hour, which she can tolerate pretty well, but about an hour and half into this trip, it was very clear that she did not like being strapped into her carseat that long where she couldn’t move around. We had toys and snacks and everything for her, but there is only so much you can do when a kid decides to be unhappy. Anyway, we eventually arrived and got out of the car and Charis was much better.

Her first time on the beach, Charis was initially not too excited about the sand. When I tried to stand her up on the sand, she kept picking up her feet so that she wouldn’t touch the sand, which was pretty funny. But after a few minutes of encouragement, she decided that maybe the sand was okay after all. She played in the sand for a while, and then Joy and I took her down to the water. At first she was a little afraid, but soon she loved it. Whenever we tried to walk her away from the water, she would turn around the first chance she got and crawl/run/make-a-mad-dash for the water again. Since you never know if your child is going to like something new, it was a great relief that she seemed to like the beach. On subsequent days, however, she seemed to change her mind and ended up greatly preferring the sand over the water.

Besides the beach, we also went to the pool several times, and Joy and I got to read quite a bit, too, which was great. We also went into Charleston one day just to look around, and Joy and I went to the South Carolina Aquarium. I read “Messy Spirituality” and “Blue Like Jazz”, both of which were very good, and I will post comments on them shortly. The trip back was much nicer than the trip there because Charis just seemed to handle it better, which was definitely a blessing. It was nice to get back home and get back to our normal routine.

I have to say, I never really understood what my parents went through to take my brother, my sister and me on vacations when we were younger. Taking a vacation with a child is so totally different than a vacation without a child. Not necessarily in a bad way, but you certainly need different expectations about how its going to be. So many thanks to my mom and dad for taking all over when we were younger!