I’ve been meaing to read “Blue Like Jazz” by Donald Miller for quite some time, and I finally got around to it on our vacation a few weeks ago. I guess it’s a bit harder to find time to read with Charis around, but I had plenty of time at the beach, which was great. Anyway, for a book subtitled “Non-Religious Thoughts On Christian Spirituality”, I guess it was more “religious” than I would have expected, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. Miller has a unique style that I found very engaging, and I think that’s primarily due to his willingness to just be flat out honest and tell it like it is. Unlike some other sometimes fairly predictable books on seeking Christ, you never really know quite where Miller is going to go next. He definitely provides a lot of material to think about regarding what in the world we’re actually doing with our lives, and more importantly, what it is exactly that we’re supposed to be doing with our lives (not that he has an answer on that one, but he certainly has a lot of good questions and thoughts). I’d love to read it together with other people in a small group or discussion group some time, just to be able to further bounce ideas around and process through them.