Our Sunday school class had a Settlers of Catan game night last night. It turns out that a lot of people in our class play Settlers, so we thought it would be fun to get together and go all out. There were also some people there who weren’t as crazy about Settlers as the rest of us, so they played a few other games while the rest of us participated in four separate Settlers tables (one table of 6 players using Seafarers, and three tables of the standard 4 player game). In that first portion of the evening when the four separate games were going, I managed to win my table (barely) using an ore-wheat strategy. I got boxed in about half way through the game and I was completely unable to expand (not good planning on my part). I ended up winning with three cities, the largest army, and two victory point cards in a very close game.

After all the simultaneous games ended, most people left, but seven of us stayed for a final game together. We played with both Seafarers and Cities and Knights (my first time with Cities and Knights) in a 6 player game. Joy actually sat the final game out because Settlers really isn’t her favorite (she spent the first part of the night on Scrabble and Scattergories). Anyway, I did not win the final game, which went to Mark in a well-earned victory after a long drawn out end game where he got kind of stuck because no one would trade with him and the robber perpetually resided on his hexes. But he eventually pulled it off at 2 AM and set us all free to go home and sleep!

FYI – In the final game, I vastly underestimated the importance of commodities, which I will need to pay much more attention to next time in my initial placements and early expansions.