Joy and I went on a retreat with our Sunday school class last night. We were basically just enjoying fellowship with one another and also trying to see what direction we should take in the coming year. It was a neat time to get to spend with some people that are very special to Joy and I. In addition to our planning, praying, worship, and discussion, we also managed to squeeze in a game of Settlers of Catan late Friday night. We started about 11 PM and finished up shortly after 2 AM. So that makes two weekends in a row with late night Settlers on Friday evening. I think we need to figure out a way to start our games a little earlier so we don’t go so late. :-) Anyway, we played Seafarers and Cities and Knights together, with a discovery board layout for Seafarers. I ended up getting very lucky with a long string of land (instead of water) on my discovery route, and I think that let me fly under the radar as I built up the longest road and a number of settlements along my discovery path. I eventually won the game in a tight finish. Mark, who won last week, was very close to me, and it basically came down to who could secure the longest road as it went back and forth between various people. I actually had to use the merchant on one of my hexes to get the final point to win. If we had gone around the board one more time, I think there is a good chance that Mark would have pulled it off instead of me. So it really was very close.