We went to a corn maze with our Sunday School class on Saturday afternoon. The group was a little smaller than normal, but we had a lot of fun. I had never been to a corn maze before, but it was actually pretty fun. We got lost for a little while, but they give you a map, and we were eventually able to get our bearings. We knew the overall shape of the maze was a rectangle, so we kept attempting to head towards what would likely be a corner. Once we found a corner, we compared the surrounding paths to the map and figured out where we were. They had little stations throughout the maze with hole punches where you could punch a little card for each point you found in the maze. We eventually found all of the points and made it out. The maze had about 2.4 miles of paths, so it actually took us about an hour to make it through. One kind of weird thing: right outside the maze they were selling water, soft drinks, and popcorn. I was thinking the popcorn was kind of cannibalistic, but what can you do.