Those of you who know me know that I’m a bit crazy (aka obsessive) when it comes to keeping things neat and tidy. That’s why I was very excited today when my new Dyson handheld cordless vacuum arrived today from Amazon. It’s a new vacuum that just came out and it’s designed to compete with dustbuster-type vacuums. Joy and I have had a Black & Decker dustbuster for several years now, and I frequently pull it out to vacuum up small messes. However, it’s not particularly powerful and I often have to pick up larger pieces of junk and kind of “feed” them into the vacuum. It works, but it can be a hassle. So when I saw that Dyson was releasing the new Root 6 handheld, I was super interested. I waited for a few online reviews to appear, and when they seemed very positive, I decided to go ahead and order one. So far I think it’s great. It has way more suction than our old dustbuster, and it’s really easy to empty out the stuff you’ve vacuumed, especially compared to the dustbuster. So now I can clean up our small messes quickly and simply.