Charis was much more interested in Christmas this year than she was last year. I guess that’s to be expected since she was nearly 20 months old this time compared to about 8 months last year. Anyway, she liked opening her own presents as long as we pulled up a corner of the wrapping paper for her to start with. She tended to tear it off in small strips, but she certainly enjoyed herself. Her “big” gift this year was a wooden kitchen (thanks Granny!) with we also got a bunch of wood appliances and stuff to go with it. I put the kitchen together Christmas Eve after she went to bed, but she opened the appliances Christmas morning. In addition to the appliances, Joy and I also also got her several books since Charis loves reading books and mom and dad needed to add some more variety to her current library in order to keep our sanity. About half way through opening her gifts on Christmas morning Charis turned and looked straight at Joy and I and said “thank you”. I have to say, that was pretty special. She knows a little bit about thank you, but she doesn’t say it very often yet, so it was neat to see her do that all on her own. When everything was open, she went back over to the now empty boxes from the appliances, put her hand on one of them, and then asked “again?”. I think it’s safe to say she liked the whole experience. :-)